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Ways to Keep your Furry Friend Healthy

Our pets are our family. We take our dog everywhere we go. Our pup is our furry shotgun rider. Why risk sacrificing that bond? Today we are going to talk about a few easy, preventative measures recommended by Antelope Valley Veterinary Care Center Palmdale,  that can extend your pup’s life.


Keeping your dog clean keeps your dog healthy. It prevents diseases, insects, and germs from attacking. Bathe your dog or take your dog to the groomer on a regular basis to promote good hygiene. It is also important to keep your dog’s teeth cleaned. You can buy a doggie toothbrush and  brush their teeth on a regular basis, or take them in for a teeth cleaning at the vet every few years.


Keep your dog active. Take your dog for a twenty-minute walk every day. A little exercise every day is much better for your dog than a lot of exercise some days. One that note, it’s important to socialize your dog on a regular basis. More socializing equals less stress.


Loving your dog will allow them to have a happy and healthy life. Part of loving your pooch means being a responsible pet owner. Make sure that you are making regular visits to the vet to catch any diseases or problems early. It is also important to make sure that your dog receives the proper vaccinations. For all your veterinary needs visit Antelope Valley Veterinary Care Center Palmdale. Take the time to train your dog, knowing commands like “halt” could save your dog’s life one day. Most importantly, cherish your furry friend for all the love and joy that he/she is. God forbid you ever have a doggie emergency, but if you do, your friends at  Antelope Valley Emergency Vet Palmdale are ready to help.

Love, Clean, and Exercise your pooch for a long, happy life!

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