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Meet Our Doctors & Staff

All Doctors are USDA certified.


Dr. Jim Nyholt

Jim Nyholt graduated from Colorado StateUniversity in 1971 and he brings experience and compassionate quality care to our practice. He is a father of 3 and is a prominent member of our community for the past 42 years promoting the veterinary profession at local schools and donates his time to 4-H. He started with 4H about 25 years ago with his son Josh and has enjoyed volunteering his time as the head veterinarian at the Antelope Valley fair ever since. During his free time he enjoys relaxing with his two cats Chuck and Squeekee.




Dr. David Gantenbein

Dr. David Gantenbein graduated from KansasState University of Veterinary Medicine in 1986. Dr. Dave (as we all know him) volunteers his time to the Leona Valley and Lakes communities administering vaccinations and donates all proceeds to the community as well as examining and treating wildlife for the Los Angeles County Parks. Along with his wife Janice they enjoy rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife and working with Greysave greyhound rescue group. Together Dr. Dave and his wife Janice teach training classes for all types of dogs regardless of age. In his free time Dr. Dave is an avid outdoor enthusiast, enjoys hiking with his golden retrievers and borzois and trains for Spartan runs with Janice.






Heather – Front Office Manager

Heather started at Antelope Valley Animal Hospital in 2004 as a receptionist. She loves all types of animals and has always wanted to work with them. Helping clients through difficult situations is a forte of hers and she manages difficult situations with poise. She creates a sense of comfort and ease for all clients while taking it upon herself to ensure that every client and patient leaves happy. Heather is very nurturing in spirit and has assumed the surname “MOMMA HEATHER”. The staff all trust her and come to her with any problems. In her spare time she enjoys spending a night on the town with her friends and watches football with her dad on Sundays.




Janis – Hospital Manager

Janis has worked at Antelope Valley Animal Hospital for the past 28 years. She has loved working with Dr. Nyholt all these years and her job has allowed her to fulfill her dreams of working with animals and helping clients. Janis has a background in bookkeeping and is essential to the day to day running’s of the clinic. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her grandkids and loves to travel. Her dream destination is Tahiti and plans on retiring there.




Carol – Technician Manager

Carol has always had a passion to work with animals. She has always been around animals and they have always played a big part in her life. Her passion to help animals is important to her so she decided to go to school and become a registered veterinary technician (RVT). She graduated from Fresno State in 2001 and has been working at AV animal hospital since 2003. Her role as the supervising technician is a fulfilling job for her. The chance to be a part of the health of one of her patients and see them grow up is extremely satisfying for her. Carol is amazing with the patients and is extremely compassionate. Her favorite part of her job is animal nursing and working with an incredible surgery team. In her off time she spends time with her son taking care of their cows, horses and their entire menagerie.



YEN- Hospital Kitty

Yen came in through our doors at 6 months of age as a rescue. He stole our hearts immediately and we realized right away that this was his new home. Within the first couple of years we noticed he would bump into things which was very concerning. Dr. Nyholt examined him and referred him to an ophthalmologist. He was later diagnosed with PRA ( Progressive Retinal Atrophy ). Unfortunately Yen is completely blind today but has not lost his sense of curiosity or awareness. He has this magical way of knowing where everything is especially his food.




Patty Cakes- Hospital Kitty

Patty Cakes A.K.A Patty was found in a parking lot 4 years ago by one of our lead technicians Juli. She was hiding in a little bush meowing and Juli scooped her up and brought her in to us. The plan was for us to keep her at the hospital till she found her permanent home but within a few days she befriended another hospital kitty named Harry and we couldn’t bare to separate them. They have been best friends ever since and you can still find them sleeping next to each other.




Harold-A.K.A Harry- Hospital kitty

In May of 2009 a orange kitten showed up on our door step

and with his adorable blue eyes and Garfield-like charm, the entire staff was

able to convince Dr. Nyholt to keep him. He is the sweetest cat and will do

anything for a good petting. We all love him so much even when he decides to make

Dr. Nyholt’s chair his own throne.


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