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How Often Does Your Dog Need Exercise?

Dogs ExerciseBig or small, young or old, all dogs need to spend quality time outside. Going on a walk or taking some time to play fetch is an important part of any dog’s daily routine because it prevents the dog from getting bored and developing destructive behaviors. It also keeps the dog’s bones strong and gives it a chance to socialize as well as excrete waste.

When it comes to determining how often dogs need to venture into the great outdoors, the result varies from dog to dog.  Many factors play into the success of your dog’s routine, and they can change the length of the walk or if a game of fetch needs to be included. Some dogs have high energy; others not as much. However, a solid baseline is walking your dog at least twice a day for 15 minutes. Anything less, and your dog will probably struggle to live a good life.

Considerations for How Often You Should Walk Your Dog

As you try to figure out how often you should walk your dog, take the following factors into account. They should make the decision a bit clearer.

What is your dog’s breed? 

  • Some dog breeds tend to do okay without a bunch of activity, and others will go crazy if they can’t get several good runs in every day. It’s also important to consider the size of your dog. Some have small bladders and won’t be able to manage two walks a day without urinating in your home. These dogs need to be walked more often.

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What is your schedule? 

  • Understanding how many times you’ll be able to walk your dog is a very important consideration. In fact, it should be probably be made before you bring a dog home in the first place. Figure out how many times your schedule will allow you to walk your dog and if you have anyone like a significant other who can help.

What is your dog’s diet? 

  • Depending on what your dog eats, it may not have to eliminate as often, which can make walks just for urinating and exercise. Understanding the impact of your dog’s diet on how often it needs to relieve itself will give you some very clear options as to when walks are necessary. You don’t want your dog to be stressed out because it consistently has to wait to eliminate.

Correct exercise is key to keeping your dog healthy and happy. It not only keeps your dog sane, it’s a great opportunity for your dog to socialize. It’s also an important chance for bonding with and training your best friend. Getting out and moving isn’t a bad thing for your own mind and health, so walk your dog as much as possible. You will both live better lives because of the fresh air and opportunity to get moving.

If you still aren’t sure about how often your dog needs to be walked, we can help you determine what works best. Contact our veterinarian team for tips and input in Palmdale today!

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