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Does Your Home Present Hazards to Your Pet?

home-hazardpetsA majority of pet owners understand common hazards to their pets, including types of food, chemicals, and certain objects. However, there are plenty of everyday situations that can be a hazard to your pet without you even realizing it. At Antelope Valley Animal Hospital, we have a significant understanding of how curious pets can get themselves into trouble, and we want to take some time to point out hazards that may be flying under your radar.

Does Your Home Present Hazards to Your Pet?

Electrical Cords

For some reason, pets of all kinds love to chew on electrical cords. It’s especially common for puppies and kittens to do this. Unfortunately, chewing on cords can lead to burns or electrocution, so keep an eye on your little friend and do your best to keep electric cords out of their reach.

Balconies and Windows

It’s normal for pets to love balconies and windows. After all, these are portals to the great outdoors! In order to keep your pet from falling or running off, make sure your windows have screens and avoid letting your pet out on the balcony. If you want to allow your pet to enjoy the balcony, reinforce the fence and make sure your pet can’t get through it.


Plants can make your living spaces more beautiful and relaxing, but they can be poisonous to your animal friend. Additionally, many pets are also drawn to plants and tend to chew on them, which can be a recipe for disaster. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate with plants! The good news is, there are plenty of beautiful plants that don’t pose any danger, so do your research, say goodbye to poisonous plants, and decorate with safe options.

Plastic Bags

Cats in particular love playing with plastic bags, but the crinkling plastic isn’t a great toy option. Bags pose the same choking and suffocation risks to animals that they pose to humans, so keep your plastic bags contained and out of reach.


Generally, cleaning products leverage toxic chemicals in order to get the job done, so it’s essential to make sure they are shut safely away. Don’t leave cupboard doors open and try to keep chemicals on high shelves where pets can’t reach them. Don’t forget to pay attention to your garage, where you probably keep windshield washer fluid and antifreeze, two toxic chemicals that taste great to pets.


A stray battery poses a significant danger to a pet who likes to chew. A chewed battery will cause heavy metal poisoning and chemical burns. The situation gets more dangerous if your pet swallows the battery, which will cause an obstruction. If you even remotely suspect your pet has chewed or swallowed a battery, contact us immediately.

Washing Machines and Dryers

If your pet is curious and enjoys seeking out small, secret locations, it’s especially important for you to keep your washer and dryer closed to make sure your pet doesn’t get trapped. Always make sure the machine is clear before starting a load of laundry.


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