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Dental Care For Dogs


If you’re a dog owner, you probably have a soft spot for your four-legged friend and you might even give your dog scraps from your plate of food. The good news is that chewing on certain things can improve your dog’s dental health, the bad news is that some things are better for your dog to chew on than others. Even the most attentive dog owners can overlook their dog’s dental health and may be causing more harm than good. Fortunately, ensuring that your dog’s teeth stay healthy and in good shape can be accomplished by following a few simple tips and tricks that our veterinarian in Palmdale at Antelope Valley Animal Hospital has complied. If you’d like to learn more about dental care for your dog, keep reading!

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Chew On This

Dogs love to chew on things. We may even wish that our dogs loved to chew on things less if you’ve ever happened to come home to find a beloved pair of shoes or a pillow torn apart. However, when dogs chew on things, it can help to keep their teeth strong and it helps prevent tartar build up. There are certain things that you should definitely be giving your dog to chew on, and there are certain things that can be harmful to dogs’ teeth.

What Your Dog Can And Can’t Chew On

Rawhide and knucklebones are the best natural options for your dog to chew on. You may want to give your dog some of the extra meat on your plate to enjoy and then let them have the bone to chew on as well, however, dogs should never chew on bones from steak, ribs, or ham shank, as these bones tend to be particularly hard and can cause fractures in your dog’s teeth. If your dog is not especially fond of natural choices when it comes to chewing options, you may want to try artificial bones and chew toys.

Other Dental Care Tips For Dogs


Another way that you can help your dog’s teeth is by giving them treats that they can chew on and eat to help with dental care. If you see treats that have “VOHC-approved” on the packaging, it means that the treat meets the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s standards for being a product that is dental-cleansing.

Brushing Supplies

Brushing your dog’s teeth really is the best way to ensure strong dental health for your dog. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, and wipes and pads can all be found specifically made for dogs. While you can use a soft human toothbrush for your dog if you’d rather not buy a doggie toothbrush, you do need to purchase toothpaste specifically for your dog since they will need something that is safe to swallow. If your dog doesn’t like their teeth to be brushed, doggie dental wipes and pads can help to remove food and bacteria from the teeth and gums.

Don’t overlook the importance of dental health for your canine friend. If you’d like to be sure that your dog’s teeth are in good health, call us here at Antelope Valley Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians in Palmdale are sure to take great care of your dog and their teeth. Schedule your dog’s appointment today!

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