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Caring For Your New Kitten


If you just got a kitten, we’re willing to bet you’re pretty excited about your furry bundle of joy. While having a kitten as a part of your family is fun and exciting, it is also a big responsibility. You’ll want to ensure you’re doing everything you can to raise your kitten so that it will be happy and healthy. If you’re looking for a veterinarian in Palmdale to perform a wellness checkup for your new family member, our doctors here at Antelope Valley Animal Hospital would love to care for your kitten. We’d also like to go over a few of our top tips you’ll want to know about when it comes to raising a kitten.

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The Basics Of Caring For Your Kitten

Verify The Age Of Your Kitten

If you don’t happen to get your kitten from an animal shelter or a pet store where they know the age of the kitten, you’ll want to consult with a vet immediately about the kitten’s age. Kittens under 10 weeks old typically should not be separated from their mother, as this is a vital time for kittens to get the nourishment and socialization they need. If your kitten is under 10 weeks old, you can still effectively care for it, you’ll just want to follow a few special instructions.

Take Your Kitten To The Vet

Most kittens are put up for adoption after they’ve had their shots and their health has been verified. However, it’s not a bad idea to take your kitten to a vet you trust, and this way, you’ll also get a chance to ask the questions you’d like. Ask for a recommendation on the best type of food, what problems you should watch out for in the first few months of your kitten’s life, and discuss how to create a safe environment in your home for your kitten.

Create A Feeding Schedule

Just like humans, cats like to know when they’re going to eat next. For the first six months, kittens typically like to eat about three times per day. After six months of age, eating twice a day is sufficient. You’ll also want to ensure your kitten has fresh water at all times. However, refrain from giving your kitten milk, as it can actually cause diarrhea in young cats.

Set Up A Safe Place

As a small kitten, a whole house can seem big and overwhelming. Make sure your kitten has a room with food, water, the litter box, and a comfortable place to rest. The kitten won’t want the cat box close to its food, so keep the two as far away as possible. At your first vet visit, be sure to ask about the best way to potty train your kitten.

Form A Bond

Hopefully you got a kitten because you want the bond that comes with owning a pet. Play with your kitten often, and make sure you give him or her lots of cuddles and love. Your first visit to the vet is also a good time to ask about introduction to young children or other animals.

We hope you’ll love having a kitten as a part of your family. Should you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment for your kitten, call Antelope Valley Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians in Palmdale are here to help you with your new family member.

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